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  1. unsaid That discourse, though, remained opaque and was significant more for what was left unsaid than what was openly, though belatedly, expressed. From Cambridge English Corpus Most strikingly, the .
  2. Jun 05,  · Neil Abramson’s poignant novel, Unsaid, is told by Helena Colden, 37, a veterinarian who recently died of cancer/5().
  3. unsaid is the eighth track on flor’s highly anticipated debut album come out. you’re hiding. It was originally released on Sights & Sounds but received reworking to fit the vibe of the new.
  4. unsaid definition: 1. not said, although thought of or felt: 2. not said, although thought of or felt: 3. not. Learn more.
  5. Aug 10,  · I nspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Unsaid Stories (ITV) is a collection of four timely short films told from the perspective of black Britons, which are – according to its makers –.
  6. Aug 16,  · adjective [usu ADJ after v, oft v-link ADJ, ADJECTIVE noun] If something is left unsaid or goes unsaid in a particular situation, it is not said, although you might have expected it to be said. Some things, Donald, are better left unsaid. What the characters leave unsaid is often more important than what they put into words.
  7. Aug 13,  · Unsaid Stories is a four-part miniseries of short films that draws inspiration from the recent Black Lives Matter protests, following the killing of .
  8. Aug 04,  · Unsaid: A Novel - Kindle edition by Abramson, Neil. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Unsaid: A Novel/5().

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