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8 thoughts on “ How Could You Hurt Me? - Onne Wai - How Could You Hurt Me (Vinyl)

  1. Dec 07,  · The same person who inflicted the wounds can’t be the one to mend them. The person who caused your heart to break can’t be the one to repair it. Forgiving you once would automatically mean that you would take me for granted. You would expect me to forgive you again and again as many times as it takes.
  2. I'm so hurt to think that you lied to me I'm hurt way down deep inside of me You said your love was true And we'd never, ever part Now you've found someone new And it breaks my heart I'm hurt, much more than you'll ever know Yes, Darling, I'm so hurt Because I still love you so And even though you hurt me Like nobody else could ever do I would.
  3. The more you look, the more you'll find I didn't mean to hurt you It's not the way I planned and that's the truth It's hard to understand 'cause i love you and I don't wanna do this again and again and again I didn't mean to hurt you It's tearing me apart and it's the truth I really wish that I could save you But I don't wanna hurt you again, no.
  4. Mar 02,  · To stop feeling hurt, the first thing you should do is acknowledge what hurt you and try to accept that it happened so you can grieve in a healthy way. Then, after you've given yourself time to feel hurt, try to move on by focusing on the good parts of your life, like your friends and family. You can also start feeling better by doing the Views: K.
  5. One way is by stacking them. Never stack records on top of each other whether in their jackets or not. This is one sure fire way to cause warping, possible cracking of the vinyl record because of the weight, and will inevitably produce scuff marks and ring wear on the album cover marring the artwork.
  6. May 01,  · Remember you will find someone who will never hurt you the way he did. You might feel this pain again, but every time that it happens you become stronger. Letting people in shows your courage and it shows that you are hopeful. When you decide .
  7. the way you hurt me It's irresistible, yeah It's irresistible, yeah I love the way, I love the way I love the way you hurt me, you hurt me so bad You hurt me so bad (you were the first one) You hurt me so bad (you were the first one) You hurt. You Hurt Me. Hooverphonic. No More Sweet Music.
  8. You need to know how much you hurt me. I loved you with everything I have and in every way I know how, and I’m sorry that wasn’t good enough for you. I tried to be everything you wanted and needed but I just can’t anymore. I have put my own happiness on the back burner for too long and lost myself trying to be what you wanted.

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